Kelli McIntosh, CPM, LDM

I did not grow up knowing about midwives or the kind of care they provide. When I had my first child in a hospital I had what would be considered a quick and easy birth. But I was left feeling disappointed and wanting more out of the experience. In my next labor I made some progress in my search for a better birth experience. I wisely labored at home as long as I could. My son was born 14 minutes after arriving at the hospital. Even though we avoided many routine interventions because of how quickly the birth happened upon arrival, I knew that I wanted something different for my next pregnancy and birth. After some research, I was able to find midwives who supported me through my next two births, which were at home.  I was able to labor at home and stay where I felt safe and comfortable, and where I was surrounded by my family.

When my youngest child was three years old I found my interests beginning to gravitate toward birth, women, and midwifery. I began attending births as a doula in 1999. I attended Birthingway College of Midwifery, in Portland, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Midwifery.  I spent four years in apprenticeships with skilled and knowledgeable midwives to gain clinical experience to complement my formal education. I am a Certified Professional Midwife through NARM (The North American Registry of Midwives), and a Licensed Midwife through the State of Oregon.

Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I am an active member of the Oregon Midwifery Council, participate in regular Peer Review and continuing education experiences. I have been on the planning committee for several local and national midwifery conferences, including the last two MANA conferences held in Portland Oregon in 2013 and 2004. I traveled to Haiti in 2011 to work at the MamaBaby Haiti birth center . You can read about my experiences in Haiti on my blog Midwife with a Suitcase.  I am currently serving as a board member of the Oregon Board of Direct Entry Midwifery.


I attend between 1-3 births a month. I am the mother of four grown children, two boys born in the hospital and two girls born at home with midwives. My three grandchildren were all born at home. I enjoy writing, gardening, sewing, reading and playing with my grandkids in my free time. 


Amanda Casley, Student Midwife

Amanda was born and raised in Oregon City, Oregon.  After high school she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and established a successful massage career in West Linn.  Amanda was called to midwifery after attending a dear friend’s homebirth in 2008.  After deciding to make a long-term dream a reality, Amanda applied and was accepted into the Midwifery Program at Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon. She started the program in spring 2011 and graduated from the core completion program in 2014. During the course of her studies she has learned to integrate several modalities of healing into midwifery care; including plant medicine, homeopathy and physical body work. With over 10 years of massage therapy experience, Amanda respects and honors the beauty and power of the physical body. She believes that informed choice is the foundation to an empowering birth experience that every woman deserves. Amanda started her apprentiship with Kelli McIntosh in July 2014.  

Amanda loves spending time with her family and friends, camping, attending concerts and eating delicious allergen-free food. Amanda and her husband have a 2.5 year old son, Jackson and are awaiting the arrival of their second child in July 2016.

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