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comprehensive prenatal care

I believe the best health care incorporates the whole person and we will spend time discussing nutrition, exercise, physical discomforts, family, work, and of course your hopes and dreams for your pregnancy, birth and baby. Your prenatal visits will last approximately one hour with most of our time together spent talking and getting to know each other. Part of that time we will check your vital signs (pulse, blood pressure), urine, measure uterine growth, assess fetal position, and listen to baby’s heart rate. Our appointments occur monthly until 30-32 weeks of pregnancy, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly until birth.



We offer the use of two different types of waterbirth tubs. There is no cost to use one of our tubs but you will need to order a plastic tub liner with your birth kit near your due date. You will also need to have a clean hose to fill the tub and you may need an adapter for the hose. We will help you determine what is needed at your home visit at 36 weeks.

We are familiar, comfortable and supportive of waterbirth. Even if you don’t give birth in the tub most clients report that the pain relief and comfort they receive from using water in labor is significant.

Benefits of Waterbirth

  • Pain Relief
  • Increased sense of privacy
  • Relaxes pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduced interventions
  • Less perineal tearing
  • Greater comfort and mobility for mom
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Partner may actively participate
  • More efficient labor
  • Gentle transition for baby from womb to air


labor & birth

When you go into labor we will communicate by phone and I or my assistant will be available to come to your home whenever you are ready for us to be there. In labor we will be checking your vitals and the baby’s heart rate. We will monitor your fluid and food intake, rest and activity, and facilitate comfort measures. Our job is to support you in your needs. After your baby’s birth we will stay at your home for at least a couple of hours. During this time we will be assessing the well being of both you and your baby. We will monitor the baby’s heart rate and breathing and perform a newborn exam. We will give you privacy and quiet time to bond with your baby.

Postpartum care for mom and baby for six weeks (including 3 home visits in the first week)
We will be visiting you in your home for a one day, three day and one week visit. We will also see you at two and six weeks. During these visits we check the well being of both mother and baby, answer questions and talk about life with your baby.

Breastfeeding Support
Breastfeeding is often a challenge for many women. Full Bloom Midwifery will help you through the process with advice and tips for best results during the breastfeeding process. We offer referral to a lactation consultant if you need more support than we can provide.

Nutritional Guidance
We offer nutritional counseling as part of our regular prenatal care, encouraging a diet of whole foods, plenty of variety and respect your cultural and personal choices in food as well as any allergy needs. We are here to make suggestions and give encouragement, never to judge. We also offer some supplements for sale in our office as a courtesy.

Well Woman Care
We offer breast exams, STD testing and PAP exams if desired. Additional cost for lab may be incurred depending on insurance.

Belly Casting
We can help you gather the supplies needed and give instruction if you would like to do this with your partner or friends. We also are happy to help cast your belly at your home visit if you would like. Additional cost may be incurred.

Lending Library
We have many books and videos for your use. Please take as many as you like and return when you are done.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation has gained in popularity in the last few years. I do not offer this service at the moment but I am happy to recommend others who can. Most people will pick up your placenta after the birth and return in capsule form in about 3 days.

I am happy to help you with tincturing your placenta if you are interested.