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Kelli was my midwife for both of my daughters births. She has a way of imparting knowledge and information in a neutral way so as to support women in their personal choices. I feel one of her greatest strengths is helping women shift into, or strengthen their roles as mothers by honoring their innate wisdom as women. For me, her faith in my ability to know my body, and deliver my baby  helped to shape my confidence in myself as a woman, mother, and a birth practioner. I still refer to her as my midwife, and she is also has become one of my few mentors. I trust her deeply, and have watched her practice her art for 11 years. If I were to ever give birth again, I would absolutely come to her to be my attending midwife!  Sarah Christensen, Portland, OR

After a long journey I was finally able to get pregnant with my first child at the age of 39. My husband and I really wanted a home birth. 39 doesn’t seem that old to most people to have a first child, and I was surprised by the negative responses I received from family, doctors, and a couple of other midwives. Some made me feel I was too old and one even said no one would take me as a client because of my age. Though I wasn’t in top shape I had no major health issues. I cried after one meeting with a midwife. Then I found Kelli! She took me on with open arms. Our appointments always went over our scheduled time because I felt like I was just visiting a friend. Once during my pregnancy I was worried because I didn’t feel the baby move for a day (it may have only been for a few hours I was just very panicked) and Kelli met me, unscheduled, and let me hear the my baby’s heart beat for peace of mind. I had slight signs of gestational diabetes and Kelli helped me get back on track through diet. My daughter’s birth was a surprise breech. Kelli remained calm and composed the entire time. Later I had a complication delivering my placenta. Kelli knew when it was time to transfer me to the hospital. Again, she remained calm and composed and helped me stay calm. To this day I stay in touch with her.  Rae Reeves, Oregon City, OR

I have used Full Bloom Midwifery for all 4 of my births. Kelli is an amazing woman, and is so insightful and very intuitive. She is loving and cares so much for her patients and their families. She is so Amazing at what she does. She takes her time to get to know everything she can about you, not just what she needs to know, but she goes over and beyond. She will stay right by your side for as long as she needs to and you want her to. My first labor was 36 hours and this amazing woman never left even though she had needs of her own. I love her and can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me and my family.  I honestly can’t recommend Kelli enough. She is a special amazing woman and we love her completely!! We wouldn’t choose anyone else. She has inspired my daughter to become a midwife!! Which is pretty awesome because my daughter was born en- caul, and the old midwives tale is that anyone born that way will become a midwife. I hope that my daughter looks to her as a mentor, there is no one better! Wish she could be around for when my kids have their own. Shaylee Cox, Milwaukie, OR


When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so worried about finding someone that my husband and I trusted to help bring our daughter into this world. It’s really nerve-wracking to try to find someone that brings you calm and clarity in such a big life event. Thankfully I found that in Kelli! The moment I first spoke with her on the phone to meeting her in person, I knew she was the person I wanted to be there with my husband and I. Our check ups never really felt like check ups even though she would take measurements and numbers, it was more answering our questions and helping us prepare for becoming parents. Her and her apprentice would recommend books, look into any concerns we had, and would just listen. To be honest, I always looked forward to our visits especially when my daughter was big enough to kick back when she would feel around for my little one. When it came to my daughter’s birth, well, Kelli almost missed it haha. My daughter wanted to come out and the apprentice thankfully made it just before my husband was about to freak out. Kelli was walking in just as she popped out… but that moment… that moment that Kelli and Isabel handed me my daughter was magic. Kelli is family! She treated me like family. She cared for me like I was one of her own. I will always be thankful for Kelli and Isabel and we would definitely have her be our midwife for any future babies. Asha Mintun, Tualatin, OR

I have used Full Bloom Midwifery for my last two births. Both experiences have been amazing and beautiful and peaceful. I loved developing a relationship through my pregnancy with Kelli, getting to know one another and her really getting to know me as a person and my family. She is very informed and I felt at peace knowing she would know how to handle anything that got thrown her way in the process, but she also was so at peace and calm that it created an environment that was stress free and beautiful to bring my babies into. She always took all the time she needed to answer all my questions and made herself available if needed. She never acted like I was a bother and always had a smile on her face and really listened to any of my concerns or thoughts. I 100% recommend Full Bloom Midwifery without any reservations and am planning on using her again when the time comes for us to have another little!  Erin Underwood, Portland, OR